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If announcing is all you need, Gary would love to do it

  Arunnin’ 2 Announce   

Arunnin’ 2 Announce to bring event announcing to a whole new high. I’ve announced dozens of triathlons, duathlons, road & trail races, Xterra races, etc.
I provide announcing to event organizers who want to improve sponsor’s exposure & professionally deliver their message & yours. I can entertain your spectators and energize & invigorate your participants, making it an exciting event that will reap returns year after year. I am a runner myself and understand the ins and outs of that sport, coupled with a sense of humor, excitement & passion. With all of this I try to create an energetic, fun & professional atmosphere for the event & keep the spectators & participants in the loop of what’s happening from beginning to end. It surely helps to give those already familiar & the new spectators & participants to any event an informative, better understanding of what’s taking place. Please contact me for a quote at 704-880-4561 or email and I’d be happy to see what I can do for you. I am a retired Naval Officer & still practice as a Physician Assistant. I’ve taken up announcing part-time because of my running passion to make events interesting and exciting, instead of boring.
Thanks.  Arunnin’ forward 2 talk with you.
Gary Butts
Arunnin’ 2 Announce
146 DJ Drive
Statesville, NC 28625


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